Your Bicycle Amenity Partner

At Zybra, we're more than just a bicycle service provider. We're your dedicated partner in enhancing guest experiences and promoting sustainability.

The Heart and Soul of Zybra

We are a company born out of a passion for redefining bicycle amenities.
Our custom-branded bicycle solutions are designed, built, and operated with one primary goal in mind: to offer unique and unforgettable experiences to guests at hotels, resorts and residential communities.

The Zybra

At Zybra, we stand out as your bicycle amenity partner due to our:
Comprehensive General Liability (GL) insurance coverage.
User-friendly mobile app, promoting convenience.
Expertise in the hospitality industry.
Full-service maintenance, ensuring your bikes are always in top condition.

Enhancing guest experiences is our

Zybra's bike service is uniquely designed to suit hotels and resorts. From custom branding to efficient self-serve platforms, we cater exclusively to the hospitality industry.
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Elevate your guest experience today

If you're ready to offer your guests more than just a service, but an unforgettable experience, get in touch with us today.